For Agents, Brokers, Advisors, & Small Business Owners
March 24-25, 2020. 
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Marketing - Sales - Recruiting - Leadership
Special Online Live Stream Event.
Registration Ends TONIGHT at 5PM Pacific
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Join us as we take a deep dive into ALL of the business tactical training we deliver at Immersion & ProRev Live. PLUS - it's all geared, tailored, and taught specifically for Agents, Brokers, Advisors, & Small Business Owners.
Model 1: Power Positioning
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Power Positioning For Agents, Brokers, Advisors, & Small Business Owners
How To Market Yourself To Make Sales 10 Times Easier
Power Positioning will move you out of the crowd and straight to the top of your market.  Instead of marketing to "get more leads", you'll do what the pro's do: use your marketing to get people to want to say "Yes" to you before they ever get on the phone or show up for the appointment. 
You'll Learn How To:
  • Use video, images and social media to position yourself like a celebrity.
  •  Communicate your message so naturally that nobody ever knows your selling.
  •  Use stories, experiences and analogies to bypass your markets defenses.
  •  Use polarity to split your market and "un-attract" clients who are not going to close.
  •  Establish the "rules of engagement" that put you in the power seat.
  • ​Easily and kindly disqualify people who aren't worth spending time with.
  •  Be the alpha in your industry without anger, ego or being a jerk.
The secret to this high-level persuasion is all in how you communicate your message. If your marketing positions you like a salesman, nobody will ever want to talk to you. If it positions you as a nice, smart, helpful guy, people waste your time getting information but they'll always stop short of cutting you a check. Power Positioning shows you how to become the "Celebrity Expert Authority" in you industry. The dominant alpha that people want to work with, seek out and refer their friends and family to. 

Model 2: Power Selling
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Power Selling For Agents, Brokers, Advisors, & Small Business Owners
How To Close Any Deal, Especially High-Ticket Deals Without Chasing, Negotiating or Being Pushy
Power Selling teaches you the how to immediately take the alpha position in every business conversation, no matter who you're speaking to. It is the exact system I use to contact, influence and close high ticket coaching sales from $10K to well over $250K. 
You'll Learn How To:
  • Feel 100% confidence and power - even when cold calling or networking.
  •  Have people naturally trust you and follow your lead in conversations.
  •  Position yourself for massive success before the conversation even starts.
  •  Control conversations so prospects want to work with you without being "sold." 
  •  Ask for and get exactly what you're worth and have nothing about it.
  • ​Know in the first 3 minutes of a conversation if someone is going to close.
  •  Double the amount you close every month with less work and zero stress.
We'll teach, role play and master the exact "straight-line" selling strategies I use break down objections and excuses without ever coming off as weak, needy or pushy. Most importantly, with this model, you'll know exactly how to get people to say "YES" to you when you make a powerful request for money.
Model 3: Power Recruiting
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Power Team Building For Agents, Brokers, Advisors, & Small Business Owners
How To Find, Recruit, Hire & Training A World Class Team
Power Team Building will help you finally get out of the production rat race and move you into working on your business more than working in your business. If you've been working your craft for a while now, it's time for you to grow. That means bringing on the best and brightest to join you in your company culture and mission. Power recruiting shows you the exact language and models to do it.
You'll Learn How To:
  • Identify the most important character traits for a given position.
  • ​Have clear, powerful conversations with applicants that reveals their character.
  •  Set a big picture for your team that gets them fully "bought-in" mentally.
  •  Easy ways to spot and disqualify people that are not a good fit for you.
  •  Establish training protocols so your team continues to get better.
From the NFL to knocking doors to running my own companies, I know the power of recruiting the best and the brightest to your team. Great organizations always win as a team. We'll show you step-by-step how to find build your world-class organization so that you can win big in your marketplace. 

Model 4: Power Relating
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Power Relating In Business For Agents, Brokers, Advisors, & Small Business Owners
How To Connect, Lead & Inspire others with the power of communication
Power Relating is a set of language and communication tools that will give you the clarity, certainty and approach you need to lead your team, increase performance, get buy-in to company culture, and confront and handle things that are getting in the way. This methodology teaches you how to see the world from their point of view and lead them naturally into increased performance and trust. 
You'll Learn How To:
  • Share your company and big picture vision with your team.
  •  Confront what's not working in a way that gives everyone ownership.
  •  Speak with power so that others will listen and respect you.
  •  Ask questions that others will respond to honestly and positively.
  •  Listen without judgment so others will naturally trust you.
  • ​Release the blame and anger that's been building up for so many years.
  •  Speak with authenticity so people bond with you and want to stay.
Many business owners leave Immersion and later come back to tell me that this model alone changed everything for them. And it's not just for business. The same tools will break down the walls between you and your children, your spouse or partner, parents, and anyone else who you love but currently cannot communicate with. If your business, team, marriage or family are experiencing communications gaps, this model alone will be 10 times the cost of the event.
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